Influencer Marketing Trends in 2018: The Future of Influencer Activation & Incentivization

Influencer Activation & Incentivization Trends Driving Success in 2018

A growing problem that a unified, enterprise-level CX+Influencer Marketing & Relations strategy can mitigate is the increasing cost of and need for quality content, which persists from the proliferation of Digital channels and Marketers’ pursuit of an intuitive, personalized CX. Marketers should be leveraging and repurposing Influencer-generated content (IGC) across different brand touchpoints in their CX, as well as A/B testing campaign creative before it goes live.

Mavrck’s A/B functionality enables Marketers to A/B test Influencer segments for real-time feedback and optimization. Marketers can realize improved content efficiencies and effectiveness by adopting an integrated Influencer Marketing Mix (iMM), that intentionally aligns Influencer and paid media activation in a focused, holistic campaign strategy.

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