2018 Influencer Marketing Trends: The Future of Influencer Measurement, Optimization & Scale

Influencer Marketing Trends in 2018: The Future of Influencer Measurement, Optimization & Scale

Many Influencer Marketing & Relations (IMR) strategies leave you guessing at what to expect. You spend so much time and energy finding the right Influencers, negotiating and activating – but still don’t know what you’re going to get. There is little clarity or transparency into Influencers’ anticipated brand performance, which leaves you in a perpetual, reactive struggle to measure and quantify Influencers’ business value.

Mavrck enables you to develop performance forecasts and ROI models specific to their brand objectives that allows for more thoughtful Influencer campaign planning, design, and always-on programming. Forecasting also empowers you to understand the detailed flight of their campaign and then surgically optimize accordingly. Mavrck’s integrations with established Measurement partners, e.g. Google Analytics and Kochava, allows for end-to-end optimization and measurement across the entire IMR strategy and in the context of a Marketer’s larger business objectives.

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