3 Ways UGC Amplifies Brand Engagement on Facebook

3 Ways UGC Amplifies Brand Engagement on Facebook

The News Feed is Facebook’s lifeline. From status updates to post engagement, how users engage with the News Feed and how long they stay engaged determines how many ads Facebook can display (impressions served, engagements earned) in that timeframe. The more original content a user posts, the more content available to display to their friends & family, which increases their engagement and the cycle continues.

In short, high News Feed engagement = more revenue.

Which is why, with every algorithm update, you hear iterated over and over again how Facebook’s top priority is keeping you, the user, connected to the people, places and things you want to be connected to – starting with your friends & family. “Friends and family come first” is Facebook’s first News Feed core value, and it plays a huge part in informing how posts are ranked in your consumers’ News Feeds.

When it comes to creating high-ranking branded content, marketers have a huge advantage in the form of their own customer base. User-generated content featuring a brand has not only proven to generate higher engagement compared to brand-generated content, but it is optimized to rise to the top of their friends’ feeds because it aligns with the values and factors that drive Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. Here’s how user-generated branded content puts your brand in the right place, at the right time for optimal News Feed engagement

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