15 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Solve Marketers’ Biggest Challenges in 2018

15 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Solve Marketers' Biggest Challenges in 2018

New quarter, new features, new insights. Our inaugural brand summit kicked off with a focus on the new – particularly, the new challenges taking up marketers’ time and headspace that we can anticipate as we turn our attention to 2018.

This upcoming year is particularly exciting because we’re seeing – and experiencing first hand – the maturation of the influencer marketing industry. Influencer marketing is evolving from standalone tactic to comprehensive strategy, one that much like social media a decade ago, is touching nearly every single function of a brand’s business.

We asked our audience to share the three biggest challenges they’re facing across the different marketing phases and disciplines they’re leading, with the goal of identifying new opportunities for influencers to help solve these problems throughout the marketing process.

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