This Master Influencer Agreement (this “Agreement”) between Apifia, Inc. dba Mavrck, a Delaware corporation (“Mavrck”), and you, or, if you represent an entity or other organization, that entity or organization (in either case “Influencer”) and provides the terms and conditions under which Influencer may provide creation and distribution of content services (the “Services”).  The effective date of this agreement shall be the date that an Influencer has accepted of the terms of this Agreement by signing below.

All Services will be provided subject to the terms of this Agreement, and if Influencer wishes to provide Services, Influencer may do so only in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

1.0         DEFINITIONS.  All capitalized terms used in this Agreement and defined in the context in which they are used will have the meanings given to them herein.  All other terms used in this Agreement will have their plain English meaning as commonly interpreted in the United States.

1.1           “Advertiser” means any client, its affiliates, or customer as set forth in an applicable Program Details that has a contractual relationship with Mavrck to receive Influencer Content or Submissions, and which may sometimes be referred to as “Subscriber.”

1.2          “Content Platform” means all or any portion of a website containing written, video or photographic commentary, news or discussion on one or more particular topics (such as a “Blog”) and that includes any Influencer Content.

1.3         “Confidential Information” means all information, including but not limited to the material terms of this Agreement, relating to or disclosed in the course of performing under this Agreement which is or should be reasonably understood to be confidential or proprietary to Mavrck, its Advertisers, the subsidiaries and affiliated companies of both and/or their licensors, licensees, and business partners.  “Confidential Information” does not include information which: (a) is or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of disclosure by the recipient or its representatives; (b) was known by the recipient prior to its disclosure; (c) was independently developed by recipient without use of the Confidential Information; or (d) becomes available to the recipient on a non-confidential basis

1.4         “Influencer Content” means all text, files, images, graphics, illustrations, information, data, audio, video, photographs and other content created or provided by Influencer pursuant to Program Details.

1.5          “IPR” means all intellectual property and proprietary rights throughout the world, including, without limitation, all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, moral rights, and other rights protecting data, information or intangible property throughout the world.

1.6          “Program Details” means the specific details provided to Influencer by Mavrck or the Advertiser, including, but not limited to, compensation, program dates, branding guidelines, general and specific Influencer responsibilities and the Advertiser.  Influencer may engage in multiple Program Details, each governed by this Agreement.  If any provisions of the Program Details conflict with this Agreement then the Program Details shall control.

1.7          “Mavrck Analytics Code” means computer code provided by Mavrck from time to time for inclusion in produced content; i.e. Tracking Links.

1.8          “Mavrck Content Policy” means, collectively, Mavrck’s content policy referenced in Exhibit A and any other policy, guidelines, terms of use, terms of service, code of conduct, or instructional materials provided or made available by Mavrck to Influencer from time to time

2.0.     SERVICES.

2.1        Services.  During the term of this Agreement, Mavrck or the Advertiser may provide Program Details to Influencer from time to time.  If Influencer accepts the Program Details, Influencer will provide Mavrck or the Advertiser with the Services as more specifically described in the applicable Program Details.  Influencer will be solely responsible for the performance of the Services and hosting, maintenance and operation of Influencer’s Content Platform; provided that Influencer agrees to embed the Mavrck Analytics Code in Influencer’s Content Platform or provide analytics details, if requested within a particular Program Details or through the Mavrck Product.  Influencer agrees to make any Influencer Content produced with respect to such Program Details publicly available in accordance with the timing set forth in the Program Details, which timing may be revised by Mavrck or the Advertiser from time to time and mutually agreed upon with influencer.  Influencer is solely responsible for moderating any submission, comments, responses or other feedback (“Submissions”) from any third party in response to any of Influencer’s Content Platform, and agrees that Mavrck and the Advertisers have no responsibility for moderating any Submissions.  Influencer agrees to promptly remove any Submissions or Influencer Content from a Content Platform upon Mavrck’s or the Advertiser’s request.  Influencer will operate each Content Platform in accordance with Mavrck’s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) which is posted on the Mavrck website at, that provides Influencer with sufficient rights to provide a reader’s Submissions to Mavrck in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.  Influencer’s privacy policy must contain terms no less protective of personal information than the terms of Mavrck’s Privacy Policy.   

2.2       Ownership.

(a)           Influencer shall be the sole and exclusive copyright owner of all content created as part of the Services, whether or not published, in perpetuity (but in any event for not less than the period of copyright and any renewals and extensions thereof), throughout the universe, from the moment of their creation, at every stage of their development, production, or completion, in all media now known or hereafter devised (“Influencer IPR”).  Influencer hereby grants Mavrck and Advertiser a limited license to use and distribute the Influencer IPR,  as described in the Program Details for the duration and purpose contemplated therein as well as for one (1) year following delivery of the created content on Advertiser’s owned web properties subject to Advertiser attributing such content Influencer.  Should Advertiser wish to print, sell, modify, or leverage the content on packaging additional fees may be requested by Influencer in a separate Program Details.

(b)           Except as permitted pursuant to this Agreement, Influencer may not, and will not permit any third party to display or otherwise use any Influencer Content or Submissions in any manner (including without limitation to generate revenue for Influencer) other than as set forth in the applicable Program Details.  Influencer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Mavrck and its Advertisers, and their respective affiliates, employees, agents, contractors, assigns, licensees, and successors in interest from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, fees, expenses, and costs (including attorneys’ fees, court costs, damage awards, and settlement amounts) incurred or arising from any claim or action by a third party arising out of or relating to the Influencer Content or Submissions, or Mavrck’s or an Advertiser’s Use thereof.

2.3       Non-Exclusivity.  Influencer has the right to provide content services to others during the Term of this Agreement provided that: (a) such other engagement or performance does not interfere in any way with the timely and professional performance of the Services to Mavrck; (b) such other engagement or performance does not require the disclosure or use of Confidential Information; and (c) such other engagement or performance does not conflict with any active Program Details or any other agreements between Mavrck and Influencer (i.e. an engagement for a competitive brand or product).  Mavrck has no obligation to propose Program Details to Influencer and may receive content services from other influencers during the Term of this Agreement.


3.1      By Each Party.  Each party represents, warrants, and covenants to the other party that: (a) such party has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to perform its obligations under this Agreement; (b) this Agreement is a legal and valid obligation binding upon such party and enforceable in accordance with its terms; (c) this Agreement will not conflict with, result in a breach of, or constitute a default under any other agreement to which such party is a party or by which such party is bound; and (d) such party will comply with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to such party in its performance under this Agreement.

3.2      By Influencer.  Influencer represents, warrants and covenants that: (a) Influencer is the original author and sole owner of the Influencer Content or otherwise has obtained any content from sources in conformity with the Mavrck Content Policy and that for all Influencer Content, Influencer has obtained all necessary rights, licenses, permissions, consents and the like, including but not limited to releases for voices, images and appearances, with regard to all video, audio, photograph, graphics, illustration or other multimedia content and will provide Mavrck with all such releases upon Mavrck’s request; (b) no Influencer Content created or obtained by Influencer and delivered to Mavrck or posted by Influencer or Mavrck hereunder shall infringe on or violate any IPR or applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the Federal Trade Commission Act and all rules and regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission; (c) no Influencer Content delivered or posted by Influencer hereunder shall contain any profanity, scandalous, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or unlawful matter or material and (d) Influencer Content may not contain malicious code, counters, or other types of code that automatically attach cookies or other devices that track and collect user’s information.

3.3 By Mavrck. Mavrck represents, warrants and covenants that: (a) Mavrck or Advertiser is the original author and sole owner of any content provided by Mavrck or Advertiser for Influencer’s use in the Influencer Content or otherwise has obtained any content from sources in conformity with the Mavrck Content Policy or Mavrck Privacy Policy; (b) no content provided by Mavrck or Advertiser for Influencer’s use in Influencer Content shall infringe on or violate any IPR or applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the Federal Trade Commission Act and all rules and regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission; (c) no content provided by Mavrck or Advertiser for Influencer’s use in Influencer Content contains malicious or harmful code.



5.0. DATA PRIVACY.  Influencer expressly consents to the use and disclosure of personally identifiable information and other data and information as described in Mavrck’s then current privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”).  In addition, Influencer acknowledges and agrees that Mavrck may disclose all information about Influencer and that Influencer may provide with respect to Influencer Content or a Submission to the applicable Advertiser to which that Influencer Content or Submission relates.  Notwithstanding anything in the Privacy Policy, Mavrck will have the right to collect and analyze data and information (including personally identifiable data and information) resulting from Influencer’s (and any of Influencer’s readers’) access to and use of a Content Platform, provided that the data and information is used and disclosed by Mavrck only in an aggregated non­personally identifiable form that does not directly identify Influencer or any other entity or natural person as the source thereof.  All such aggregated data and information will be solely owned by Mavrck and may be used by Mavrck for any lawful business purpose without a duty of accounting to Influencer.  In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and any other agreement Influencer has entered into with Mavrck (including, without limitation, Mavrck’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy), the terms of this Agreement shall control unless such other agreement expressly provides otherwise by reference to the provision that is unavailing.


6.1  Fees.  Influencer agrees that the compensation described in the Program Details (the “Fees”) represent Influencer’s entire compensation for all Services and Influencer shall not be entitled to reimbursement for any expenses unless agreed upon in writing within the Program Details.

6.2  Payment.  Provided that Influencer is in compliance with this Agreement, including any active Program Details, Mavrck will pay all Fees in accordance with the applicable payment terms and rates outlined in the Program Details upon completion of Influencer’s work, and receipt (by Mavrck) of any necessary paperwork. Upon completion of Influencer’s work (and receipt of such necessary paperwork) payments shall be made the later of Net 30 from the completion of work or 15 days after receipt of payment from Advertiser. Influencer understands that payment is contingent upon: (a) providing their ACH Direct Deposit information or check information to Mavrck within their platform profile, including an IRS form W-9; (b) fulfilling and completing all of the obligations contained in the relevant Program Details; (c) submitting an invoice for the work complete (when requested); and (d) receipt of payment from Advertiser. Mavrck reserves the right to suspend any agreement with an Advertiser (an “Advertiser Suspension”).  Mavrck shall not be obligated to pay Influencer any Fees following notice by Mavrck to Influencer of an Advertiser Suspension for any Services related to such Fees that have not been performed by Influencer as of the date of such notice.  Influencer, however, will be paid on a pro-rata basis for work completed prior to Advertiser Suspension to the extent that Mavrck is paid by Advertiser for such work.

6.3  Taxes.  Influencer shall be responsible for determining the applicability of any sales, use, excise, or similar transactional taxes that may be applicable to the performance of the Services, if any.  Influencer shall be obligated to pay any applicable taxes for corresponding Services, including without limitation, any and all interest, penalties and attorneys’ fees.  Mavrck will not be responsible to Influencer or any governing body for any taxes relating to amounts that Influencer receives hereunder including but not limited to federal or state income tax, social security tax, or unemployment tax.  Influencer shall bear any and all costs, and shall indemnify Mavrck against the same, including, without limitation, penalties, interest and attorneys’ fees.  Mavrck shall be entitled to contest, pursuant to applicable law and at its own expense, any taxes it is ultimately obligated to pay, and Influencer shall reasonably cooperate with any such contest.


7.1  This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and shall continue until terminated by either party.  Either Party may terminate this Agreement, effective upon notice, at any time by written notice to the other party.  At the time of termination by Mavrck under this Section 7.1 Influencer shall be paid on a pro-rata basis for any work completed in any active Program Details at the time of such termination.

7.2  Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, all revocable licenses granted under this Agreement will immediately terminate.  Sections 2.2, 3, 4, 6, 7.2, and 8 through 11 will survive any indemnification or termination of this Agreement.

8.0. INDEMNIFICATION.  Each party (the “Indemnifying Party”) agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the other party and its affiliates, employees, agents, contractors, assigns, licensees, and successors in interest from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, fees, expenses, and costs (including attorneys’ fees, court costs, damage awards, and settlement amounts) that result from any breach of the Indemnifying Party’s representations or warranties under this Agreement.  Influencer further agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Mavrck and its Advertisers, and their respective affiliates, employees, agents, contractors, assigns, licensees, and successors in interest from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, fees, expenses, and costs (including outside attorneys’ fees, court costs, damage awards, and settlement amounts) arising out of resulting from any breach by Influencer of the Mavrck Content Policy as attached hereto as Exhibit A. The total amount each party shall be liable for shall be capped at the total compensation fee(s) paid or payable to Influencer under this Agreement.

9.0.    CONFIDENTIALITY.  Influencer acknowledges that in the course of providing Services hereunder, Influencer may acquire certain Confidential Information.  Influencer shall not: (a) disclose such Confidential Information to any third party without the prior written consent of Mavrck, (b) will notify Mavrck if Influencer becomes aware of any breach of confidentiality in any manner whether through (i) Influencer’s negligence, acts or omissions, or (ii) computer virus, or theft of Influencer’s computer or login information; or (c) use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than to carry out the Services contemplated hereunder.  Influencer acknowledges that misuse or disclosure of any Confidential Information by Influencer will give rise to irreparable injury to Mavrck or the owner of such information, which is inadequately compensable in damages.  Accordingly, Mavrck or such other party may seek and obtain injunctive relief against the breach or threatened breach of these Confidentiality Obligations, in addition to any other available legal remedies.

10.0.   GOVERNING LAW.  The interpretation of the rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement, including, to the extent applicable, any negotiations or other proceedings hereunder, will be governed in all respects exclusively by the laws of the State of New York, U.S.A.

11.0.   MISCELLANEOUS.  This Agreement, the Mavrck Content Policy and the Privacy Policy (each of which is incorporated by reference) are the complete and exclusive understanding and agreement regarding the Services, and supersedes any oral or written proposal, prior agreement or other communication between Mavrck and Influencer.  All waivers under this Agreement must be in writing.  Any waiver or failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement on one occasion will not be deemed a waiver of any other provision or of such provision on any other occasion.  If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, that provision will be removed to the extent necessary to comply with the law, replaced by a provision that most closely approximates the original intent and economic effect of the original to the extent consistent with the law, and the remaining provisions will remain in full force.  The prevailing party in any lawsuit or proceeding arising from or related to this Agreement will be entitled to receive its costs, expert witness fees and reasonable attorneys’ fees, including costs and fees on appeal.  Neither this Agreement nor any rights or obligations of Influencer hereunder may be assigned or transferred by Influencer (in whole or in part and including by sale, merger or operation of law) without the prior written approval of Mavrck.  Any assignment in violation of the foregoing will be null and void.  Mavrck may freely assign this Agreement or any of its rights hereunder.  The parties hereto are independent parties, not agents, employees or employers of the other or joint venturers, and neither acquires hereunder any right or ability to bind or enter into any obligation on behalf of the other.  Mavrck may reference Influencer as a provider of Services and use Influencer’s name, likeness and logo, as applicable, in listings of influencers appearing on the Mavrck web site and for other marketing and promotional purposes.



The following Mavrck Content Policy applies to each Influencer who has entered into a Master Influencer Agreement with Mavrck.  Terms used but not defined herein will have the definitions ascribed in the Master Influencer Agreement.

  1.     Influencers shall comply with the most recent Federal Trade Commission Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising (“FTC Guides”), including any updates, additions, modifications, or supplemental guidance to the FTC Guides, in connection with their performance hereunder.
  2.     Originality of Content.  All portions of Influencer Content must be the original creative work of the Influencer or the Influencer must be the sole owner of the Influencer Content pursuant to the Master Influencer Agreement.
  3.     Use of Quotes.  Influencers should adhere to the following steps if using quotes: (a) quotes should be short; (b) Influencers should credit the source; and (c) Influencers should use the quote in the same context as when the quote was originally made.  If Influencer has a question about whether he/she can use a quote, Influencer must ask the writer for written permission to use the quote in an email and keep the email.
  4.     Linking
    1.  Influencer must use “no follow” links in Influencer Content.
    2.   Influencer may embed a hyperlink in the Influencer Content that links to the specific webpage where the third party content is located.  Influencers are also responsible for not linking to sites containing content that would not be permitted under the Master Influencer Agreement.
  5.     Third Party Content.  In order to avoid potential infringement of IPR, Influencers should not endorse, copy, or adopt third party content.
  6.     Statements About Third Parties.  Influencer Content shall not contain any defamatory, libelous, or slanderous material.  Influencer Content shall not be harassing, abusive, unlawful, tortious, threatening, harmful, pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene, patently offensive, or otherwise promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm of any kind.
  7.     Making Claims.  Influencer Content shall be true and accurate to the best of the Influencer’s knowledge and shall not hold out opinion as fact.  Influencer Content shall not be intentionally misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent.  Influencer is responsible for checking his/her facts before he/she makes any claims about third parties or products.
  8.     Third Party Rights.  Influencer Content shall not violate any third party privacy right, right of publicity, or any other IPR.
  9.     Cheating.  Cheating is prohibited, and will result in immediate action and termination without compensation.
  10.  No Advertising.  Influencers shall not, as a part of the Influencer Content produced for any Mavrck program advertise, market, or otherwise promote any other product or service in which Influencer or any Influencer affiliates have an ownership interest or other financial interest, directly or indirectly.
  11.  General.  Influencer may only provide the types of Influencer Content authorized in the Program Details and such Influencer Content may only be used in the manner specified in the Master Influencer Agreement.  Influencer may not use any music on any web property on which he/she is publishing content without express permission from the copyright or other rights owner(s) for Influencer’s specific intended use in each instance.  Influencer must obtain any required permissions or releases where necessary.  In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable laws, Mavrck has adopted a policy of terminating, in appropriate circumstances and within Mavrck’s sole discretion, Influencers who infringe upon the IPR of Mavrck or any third party.
  12.  Embedded Video Players.  Influencer is permitted to embed video players from third party sites in Influencer Content only through publicly available APIs that do not prohibit use by commercial entities in accordance with the API owner’s terms of service, as applicable.  Influencer should not copy content and post it on a Content Platform such that Influencer hosts the content; instead, showing third party videos in video players using third party APIs ensures that the third party, and not Influencer, is hosting that content such that if the third party site removes that content from its site at the request of a copyright owner, that content will automatically be removed from the Content Platform as well, since the content is hosted on the third party’s server, and not Influencer’s server.
  13.  Use of Images or Other Media.  An image or other multi-media element may involve layers of rights.  The photographer/creator owns the copyrights in his/her photograph or other media (e.g., the artistic expression of his/her vision).  A person depicted in the photograph, video, or other applicable media owns the right to control the use of his/her image (or, in the case of a minor, a parent or guardian may exercise control or grant permission on behalf of the minor).  If a trademark or a product in its trade dress (e.g., a Coke® can) appears, the owner of the trademark may have rights in how its product or trademark is depicted.  Influencers must analyze each image or other media element to be sure that he/she has the appropriate permission from all rights owners to use the image or media in accordance with this policy and the Master Influencer Agreement.
  14.  No Modifications to Third Party Images or Other Media.  Influencer should not modify any third party images or other media in any way that would change its nature or context, unless Influencer is certain that he/she has the right from the copyright owner to create a derivative work.  If Influencer has a question about whether he/she can create a derivative work, Influencer must ask the copyright owner for written permission to create the derivative work in an email and keep the email.
  15.  Credit and Attribution.  Credit or attribution to the source of the image (e.g., Getty Images) is always necessary for a full size photograph.  Credit should be used for thumbnail images where space allows.  Similarly, attribution should be provided for other media according to its accompanying license terms.
  16.  Purchased Engagement.  Influencer shall be fully responsible for the fulfilment of all promises and promotions offered by Influencer.
  17.  Password Protection.  Influencer Content shall not be placed behind any login.


Last Updated: March 13, 2018