Here’s How Brands Can Help Monetize Their Best Asset: Influencers


Key Points

      • There are many ways brand collaborations help creators monetize their content, but long-term partnerships are the most popular and lucrative
      • Brands also partner with creators via affiliate programs, ambassador programs, referral programs, and more
      • Learn more about how brands help creators earn income in our full Guide To Creator Monetization
      • Other monetization opportunities are available through creator funds offered by various social platforms, which you can learn about here


Content creators have a number of options when it comes to monetizing their work. Many brands offer at least one avenue for creators to earn revenue, in the form of one-off or long-term collaborations. Social platforms also offer payments for creator content, encouraging them to continue producing a strong portfolio of work. Apart from brands and platforms, creators also lead the charge themselves by monetizing their personal brand via selling merchandise or even online courses.


Types Of Brand Collaborations


Brand Collaborations/Sponsored Content (Sponcon)

A brand pays a creator to make content that features their product or service. Cross-brand collaborations occur when two or more brands partner with the same creator.


Short-Term Partnerships

One-off collaborations with either one transaction or just a few touchpoints that occur over the course of several weeks.

Long-Term Partnerships 

This popular type of creator partnership (which includes ambassador programs) can last anywhere from a few months to a year and involves multiple activations over said time period. 


Affiliate Programs

Brands provide custom URLs for influencers to incorporate into their content that point to product pages. The creator receives a commission every time a consumer makes a purchase.


Digital Storefronts

An online shopping medium where creators either sell their own products and services or a brand’s products via an affiliate program. 


Selling Merchandise And Services

Consumers purchase products or services directly from a creator’s store; typically, this method is not associated with a sponsoring brand.


Advertising Revenue 

Creators can also receive a small commission for ad placements within their content — this is especially popular for bloggers. 


Platform-Specific Creator Funds

Creators receive funding if they properly adhere to social media platform guidelines when generating content and posting on that platform. For a breakdown of the creator funds available on each platform, check out our blog.


More About Brand Collaborations

In addition to typical collaborations and affiliate programs, many brands also run ambassador programs and referral programs to help achieve their marketing and business objectives. 


Ambassador Programs

Brands reactivate top-performing influencers to promote products for longer time periods, thus developing stronger creator partnerships. 


Referral Programs 

Brands creator links for referrers (who are not necessarily content creators), to share with their audience and get compensated every time someone clicks to make a purchase.


Welcome To Our Wild World

There are so many tactics brands can use to activate creators in a way that benefits both parties. For more about how to make the most of creator partnerships, download our full guide to creator monetization and check out these resources: