How North Face Collaborates with Influencers to Inspire Millennial Adventures

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Americans spend over $887 billion annually on outdoor recreation and increased participation in outdoor activities is expected to lead retail sales growth over 20% by 2020.

While consumers across the spectrum are purchasing outdoor gear, certain demographics are more likely to purchase than others. Specifically, Millennials represent 38% of the U.S. outdoor consumer population and spend more time outside and more money on outdoor products than the average consumer – making them a valuable long-term target market for the industry.

In order to appeal to Millennials, brands need to meet them where they already are – online. Not only do over 85% of Millennials own smartphones, but 83% connect with companies online and 64% believe social media is one of the most effective channels for reaching brands.

IGC & UGC – The Key To Reaching Millennials 

Many key industry players have partnered with influencers as an always-on solution to producing relevant content, expanding their reach, and attracting new customers – as they should. Influencer marketing generates 11x the ROI than traditional media and has helped leading outdoor retailers inspire millennial adventurers.

Here’s an insider look at some of the most noteworthy trends and influencer marketing stats we learned for the brands leading the share of influencer voice among Outdoor Retailers:

  • Marmot, the category leader in overall volume, owns 27% influencer share of voice.
  • Marmot IGC copy includes personal testimonies detailing product dependability and reliability in a variety of unpredictable weather patterns.
  • The North Face,  the second place leader in overall volume, owns 24% influencer share of voice.
  • As a result of various influencer marketing Instagram campaigns, the North Face’s number of Instagram followers increased by 37% in 2017 over 2016.

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