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Today, 84% of consumers who received a ‘great customer experience’ were likely to repurchase from the same company. From 2010-2015, CX leaders delivered compound annual revenue growth rates of 17% compared to 3% for CX ‘laggards’ (Forrester, “Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth”, June 2016). Seemingly, superior CX provides brands with a clear competitive advantage.

In this report, we look at share of influencer-generated content (IGC) across some of America’s leading CX brands, analyzing which brands had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year. For these brands, influence is not just a touchpoint on the path-to-purchase – it is the path to purchase. The decision and ability to integrate influence along every point of the customer journey is what elevates the customer experience, making these brands some of America’s most loved.

Here’s an insider look at some of the most noteworthy trends and influencer marketing stats we learned from the leading CX brands’ influencer share of voice:

  • Nordstrom, the category leader in IGC volume, owns 32% share of voice among CX brands market leaders.
  • Audi, the category leader in engagements, earned 3.46x more engagement per post when compared to the category average.
  • IGC from category leaders incorporate brand ambassadors and influencers from varying levels of influence, ensuring authenticity and reach.
  • Influencers are mostly Millennials and are physically diverse-looking, appealing to a wide target audience.
  • Leading CX brands augment influence along the customer journey by incorporating IGC, UGC, and Ratings & Reviews on their websites. 84% of Millennials report that IGC on company websites has influence on what they buy.

Want to learn more key insights? Download the report below to learn which leading CX brands had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year, as well as examples and best practices from leading CX brands category leaders.


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