Health and wellness continues to remain top of mind for many Americans. According to Nielsen, 68% of consumers say that they’re willing to spend more on foods and drinks that don’t contain undesirable ingredients. With consumers increasingly leaning towards healthier food options, brands are beginning to create new and innovative products to appeal to the health-conscious consumer.

Despite changing consumer attitudes, ice cream is still a profitable industry – last year, sales reached $6.6 billion, up 3.4 percent. But conventional products aren’t necessarily the ones driving growth. While sales for the whole category increased, product sales that fit within the FDA’s definition of “healthy” grew 85 percent last year. These products have tapped into the better-for-you claims trend with label attributes like “good source of protein,” “low calorie,” and “low sugar”- claims that are driving the highest dollar sales in the ice cream category.

The Scoop On The Ice Cream Market

With sales continuing to soar, more and more brands are competing to enter an already over-saturated market. Successful industry brands have focused on integrated authentic, trusted influencer- and user-generated content across their customer journey to deliver personalized, relevant experiences for their customers at every touchpoint, accelerating brand trust and further improving the customer experience. This report looks at share of influencer-generated content (IGC) across low-calorie ice cream brands and analyzes which brands had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year and what you can learn from the IGC leaders.

Here’s an insider look at some of the most noteworthy trends and influencer marketing stats we learned for the brands leading the share of influencer voice among the low-calorie ice cream industry:

  • Yasso, the category leader in volume, owns 23% share of voice.
  • Breyers, the category leader in engagement, generates 2.76x more engagement per post compared to the category average.
  • IGC category leaders have similar product packaging – big and bold font paired with ingredient imagery – allowing brand voice and appetite appeal to take center stage.
  • IGC category leaders utilize branded hashtags to promote content creation, communicate with their followers, and create a community around their product.

Want to learn more key insights? Download the report below to learn which low-calorie ice cream brands had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year, as well as examples and best practices from IGC category leaders.