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How A Global Management Consulting Firm Executed a Fast-Paced Research Initiative, Powered by Mavrck

How A Global Management Consulting Firm Executed a Fast-Paced Research Initiative, Powered by Mavrck

The Challenge

Our featured brand partner, a prominent global research consulting firm, provides proprietary data, expert analysis, and bold thinking for leaders who want to achieve the extraordinary.

It needed to gather thorough, efficient data relating to a potential social media business venture for one of its customers. To provide this customer with the insights they needed, the firm partnered with Mavrck to execute a series of surveys and interviews targeting influencers and content creators.

The Strategy

The firm’s goal was to conduct in-depth, honest research and collect key data findings from a broad cohort of micro- and macro-influencers of various ages, backgrounds, and niches to discover how influencers and creators were using sponsored content.

While planning and executing the plan to acquire survey results, the main challenges revolved around scope, scale, and time. The firm and Mavrck needed to gather as much data as possible from a broad range of influencers and content creators within just two weeks of launching their research initiative.

The Activation

Mavrck’s platform enabled the firm to conduct research in a two-tiered approach, all while remaining anonymous. The first touchpoint featured a survey in which influencers and content creators were sourced from the platform and invited to participate in the questionnaire, which was hosted on a third-party platform. After they took the survey, Mavrck compared the completion data from a third party to the list of influencers and creators invited to complete the questionnaire, in order to confirm who would receive compensation for their efforts.

The second touchpoint involved 30-minute Zoom interviews, all of which were confirmed, scheduled, and conducted within a week of beginning outreach. The screening survey to collect potential interviewees included several qualifying questions and a strong call-to-action (CTA), communicating the timesensitive nature of the initiative.

Mavrck sourced, scheduled, coordinated, and handled communication for all interviews. Once all interviews concluded, Mavrck also issued payment to the participating influencers and creators.

The firm and Mavrck collected 300 survey responses and conducted 15 30-minute interviews with influencers and content creators, allowing the firm to fulfill its research goals in a two-week turnaround. With their key data points collected, the firm has been able to provide the customer in question with insights to help drive their business venture.

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