Not all influencer platforms are created equal. If you’re ready to use an influencer strategy to power your marketing objectives on social media, but if you’re unsure which platform is best suited for your needs, look no further. Below, we give you a quick breakdown on what to look for in a platform for each influencer category, along with which platforms in the industry are leading the charge:


Why you want one:

If your brand is looking to really light up a product launch or brand awareness push, then a one-off campaign with a mega-influencer could get you the impressions you’re looking for- as long as you can pony up the cash to make it happen, and you make sure their reputation won’t compromise your brand’s.

What you need in a platform:

Look for a platform that has already built up the connections with the wide array of influencers necessary to choose the best fit and secure a fair contract, so that you don’t have to spend months manually reaching out to agents.

Successful Mega-Influencer Platforms:



Macro- Influencers

Why You Want One:

If you have the same goals as we mentioned above, but you’re missing the million dollar budget, a macro-influencer might be the move. Macro-influencers have an added benefit of detracting attention from any campaign less than a mega-influencer would, so that your brand gets the focus instead of the celebrity name.

 What You Need in a Platform:

Since macro-influencers rely on brand relevance in order to pack a punch (in contrast to mega-influencers, who usually don’t have any relation to the brand but make up for it with their millions of followers). But it’s not only about who they are, but more importantly, who they reach. A macro-influencer platform can aid in vetting in verification so that you pick the right macro fit for your brand identity.

Successful Macro-Influencer Platforms:




Why You Want Them:

If you’re looking to move past impressions and to drive conversions on any number of business objectives (product purchases, survey completions, or customer acquisition, to name a few), then micro-influencers are right for you. Unlike macro- and mega-influencers, micro-influencers can be owned as well as rented.  re-engaged for ongoing campaigns and long term strategies, depending on the platform you use.

What You Need in a Platform:

First party opt-in data is a must for your micro-influencer platform. Because you’re looking to activate everyday consumers for your brand, you need to use a platform that has the proper licensing fees and data rights to do the identification for you. 

Successful Micro-Influencer Platforms: 

Mavrck (owned micro-influencers)

crowdtap (rented micro-influencers)

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