Which brands are driving the most buzz heading into Fourth of July Weekend?

We analyzed 12 brands (6 older and more established brands, versus 6 ones that are newer to the game) to see who is generating the most interaction and interest from its fans as we head into one of the biggest purchase weekends of the year.

We used Mavrck’s Fan Grader to analyze which brand has the most influential Facebook fans, based on each brand’s top 100 micro-influencers and their ability to drive engagements with brand posts, to predict who will be victorious on Fourth of July.

Scroll down to see which brand is crushing the game in each category:


coke bottle

No contest with this one: Coca Cola boasts a Facebook Fan page of 98 million fans. Coca Cola engages its fans on its Facebook page with daily video shares and a 24/7 response strategy to the comments that fans post, no doubt run by a tireless customer service team.

People Talking About This

IDR 1920 BG 600x405

It’s hard for any brand to compete with the word of mouth and hype that a summer blockbuster movie generates. Independence Day: Resurgence  had a PTAT score of 150k in the week leading up to the fourth of July.

Brand Posts & Micro-Influencer Comments in the Last 30 Days

Budweiser Logo 2015

Of all of the brands, Budweiser gets the most bang for its buck with each brand post: for every one post published by the brand, it drives 138 micro-influencer comments per post. Budweiser’s post-to-comment ratio implies that the brand’s strategy is efficient in driving engagement with its most influential fans.

Percentage of Engagements Driven by Micro-Influencers

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Oscar Mayer


Jim Beam






Independence Day Film Franchise


Yeti Coolers


Angry Orchard




Out of the cumulative total of engaged fans for all 12 brands, Independence Day: Resurgence fans took up 21% of the engagement pie.

Highest Avg. Influencer Index

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Friends Influenced Per Micro-Influencer Comment

For every one comment posted by a micro-influencer of Independence Day: Resurgence, it resulted in 32 engagements on average.

The Winner(s) Are…

July Fireworks clipart
BOTB Winners
July Fireworks clipart

It may be missing Will Smith a little bit, but Independence Day: Resurgence has still managed to generate some serious hype coming into Fourth of July weekend.

HOWEVER, when it comes to the old versus the new, the Founding Fathers brands collectively were the most effective in driving a consistent level of engagement and influential behavior with their fans, compared to the newer brands that tended to be more dependent on short-term buzz from a campaign or release (we see you, Independence Day).

How it works:

Our Super Bowl Brand Battle contenders are scored using Mavrck’s Fan Grader. This free tool measures engagement with a brand’s Facebook page driven by its top 100 micro-influencers on posts published during the past 30 days. The brand with the highest total overall engagement will be crowned the victor. If it comes down to a tie, the tiebreaker will be the highest average Influencer Index, which averages the Influencer Index of a brand’s top micro-influencers, based on the likes and replies driven per comment.

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