Always-on applications are a great way to grow your creator roster on a rolling basis. Keeping an always-on campaign application active and promoted in easy-to-access places is super helpful to creators who are looking for new brand collaboration opportunities. And, it’s an immensely valuable asset for brands that are focused on activating their customers.


Fanatics promoted their always-on application with a targeted landing page.

What is it? 

An always-on application in the Mavrck-verse (catch these hands, Meta) is essentially a call-to-action (CTA) or link that lives somewhere visible on your website, on social media, or even in emails. The link enables creators to click on a button to apply to potentially partner with the brand for some kind of compensation. And because these applications live in these public places and are accepted on a rolling basis, they are considered “always on.” 

Are they really that beneficial?

Yes! We always recommend having always-on applications set up in order to consistently grow your network of creators. As we mentioned, this will help you to collect inbound interest from influencers who want to collaborate with your brand.

In addition, it acts as a screening tool as brands can add qualifying questions to gauge if the creators are a good fit for their product or service. By getting relevant data points from creators, brands are able to streamline their invitation process for campaigns based on their needs. For example, if a grocery store’s shopper program is looking to launch a campaign, they could add a qualifying question that would eliminate applicants that don’t shop at their store. Having relevant data points in advance of campaigns can help with planning and strategy.

Here are some ideas about where to share these types of campaign applications: 

    • Brand social channels 
    • Brand CRM
    • E-commerce website or landing pages
    • Influencer or employee referrals
    • In-store via QR codes
    • Paid social campaigns
    • Paid newsletters

How do I integrate an always-on application for my brand? 


Ninja Kitchen promotes their application in their IG Story and bio.

Influencers and consumers are able to discover your brand every day and in different places. We recommend also sharing the always-on application in-store if possible, on your website, and in paid social campaigns targeted at key consumer demos. As you consider how you can leverage your website, CRM, and social to drive participation and influencer sign-ups, you should also be thinking about the technology partners that can make your influencer marketing goals a reality. Mavrck can help you with your influencer marketing strategy and also assist with always-on application setup, from creation to launch and everything in between. 

Show me the money

Quest Nutrition has a great story. They needed a platform to identify, manage and report on the performance of their integration. They were searching for a solution to help manage thousands of influencers and brand advocates on a monthly basis. When they came to Mavrck, they were open to new ideas — and when we pitched our platform, we made sure they knew their goals were a priority and that we could help them grow. An always-on application was part of their overall strategy and we were able to package and integrate it so that they were consistently garnering new creator partnerships. 

What happens if I don’t have an always-on strategy? 

It’ll be tough to build up your creator roster, but not impossible. An always-on application is so easy to integrate that you’re doing yourself a great disservice by avoiding it. Plus, it makes it way easier for creators to work with you. And the more streamlined and stress-free it is for the creators you hope to attract, the better chance you’ll be getting creators that represent your brand the way you want. 

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