May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! While we’re excited to celebrate AAPI creators and influencers, we know that one month isn’t enough. As we highlight this group of amazing humans, we want to remember that partnering with, activating, and hiring AAPI individuals (and all underrepresented people) all year round is the best way to be an ally. Let’s get to it. 



Nidhi Goel

@dressupwithnidhi on Instagram

Nidhi is a Boston-based blogger and influencer who is all about lifestyle, home, and living her life with her family and dog! Nidhi’s fun, colorful feed has been featured in American Girl’s Cultural Celebrations Collection campaign.



Annie Jiang

@goanniewhere on Instagram

This Atlanta-based travel blogger and creator has so much adventure-focused content laden with fluid storytelling and beautiful imagery that you’ll catch the wanderlust faster than you can say “Google Flights.” Annie’s style is friendly to both new travelers and veteran adventurers alike. All this while traveling solo? Talk about inspiring! 



Vannie Tran on Instagram

Vannie, who is Arizona-based, always has content that melts our hearts while making us think about that next destination. From family travel to home decor and everything in between, Vannie’s content is genuine, exciting, and purely joyful. 



Dolphia Arnstein

@dolphia.n.arnstein on Instagram

As soon as you see Dolphia’s Instagram content, it won’t surprise you to learn that this is the work of a real one. Dolphia’s professionally-curated feed is drenched in color and artfully-captured alignment. Her slice-of-life content feeds us everything from delectable food, beautiful blooms, family life, and so much more. And, she’s a computer science engineer by trade. 



Andy Nguyen

@everydaybelikeandy on TikTok

Andy’s completely relatable and laugh-inducing TikTok presence is all about family. From the adorable to the head-desk moments of raising little ones, to the all-too-true facets of marriage, Andy reminds us to not take life too seriously and to look for humor in all those little, precious moments. 



Sharon Tseung

@sharontseung on Instagram 

If you’re looking for a creator who is focused on finances and investing, Sharon Tseung should be at the top of your list. Boasting content that is “helping you become financially free,” Sharon is the go-to finance guru for all those concepts we wish we knew before we’d embarked on adulthood. It’s the real estate/investing/side hustle trifecta for us. You can also check out Sharon on YouTube and her website for more educational content!



Chloe Chung

@chloejg on Instagram

New Yorker, Chloe, is a digital creator whose content is perfectly balanced. Textured, moody, and packed with delicious neutrals, Chloe’s work is a dream come true for anyone who loves an artfully-represented slice of city life. Between the coffee and pastries, cityscapes, and apartment shots with perfectly rumpled sheets, we’re thinking that NYC life is one of the best. 




Brian Chung

@brianchung on Instagram

The Alabaster Co. co-founder honors faith, family, and business acumen—teaches other entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. With a massive following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, plus a spot on the Forbes Next 100, Brian’s impressive success is only second to his humility, kindness, and commitment to his vision. An authentic life shared on social media is a rarity, yet Brian does it so effortlessly. We’re eager to see how Brian, Alabaster Co., and his future business ventures take the world by storm. 


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