2014 has been quite the year on social media, hasn’t it?

Facebook’s Topics of The Year alone sums up just how much of our individual lives share common ground through social media. Can you remember scrolling through the endless Facebook  videos of  The Ice Bucket Challenge? Seeing a Facebook status about making a snowman? Or reading about the frenzy around Taylor Swift’s bold moves away from Spotify? Just remember to thank your Facebook friends for that because the interconnectivity social media enables isn’t about to slow down. See for yourself:

6 Most Popular Social Content of 2014

Facebook Monthly Active Users
2013: 1.19 Billion
2014: 1.35 Billion
(Source: Statista)

6 Most Popular Social Content of 2014Twitter Monthly Active Users
2013: 241 Million
2014: 284 Million
(Source: Statista)

But the important measure is activity.

Facebook Daily Content Shared
2012: 2.45 Billion
2013: 4.75 Billion
(Source: TechCrunch)

Twitter Daily Tweets
2012: 340 Million
2013: 500 Million
(Source: internetlivestats.com)

That’s A LOT of buzz happening, and it’s only two social channels! Before you panic, we did the hard work for you. Here’s a cheat sheet of the 6 most popular social content of 2014 on different social channels.


Facebook’s most shared post of 2014 proves you really can’t escape the infectious holiday cheer. Coupled with the irresistible minions of Despicable Me, how could you NOT have shared this?

Views: 62,469,374



The tweet “heard round the world” belongs to none other than Ellen Degeneres. Whether it was planned or not (as claimed by Samsung), this famous #selfie generated 40,000 brand mentions for Samsung during the Oscars, and an abundance of media coverage, blog posts, and analysis thereafter. The most retweeted tweet of 2014 goes to Ellen Degeneres (and perhaps Samsung).



It may be an understatement to say Kim Kardashian had a ridiculous year. The big headliners like her wedding and that one time she set out to break the internet may have overshadowed her $500,000 date with a stranger, or her 1200 selfies for her selfie book (naturally). All ridiculousness aside, Instagram’s most liked post of 2014 shows a much more tamed side of Kim Kardashian’s year. 


In fact, make that most the most liked photo on Instagram of all time


Youtube released its Top Trending Videos of 2014. The Top 10 list wasn’t determined by view count alone, but was the result of an algorithm that took into account views, comments, shares, likes, and more. The Terrifying Mutant Giant Spider Dog Is YouTube’s Top Trending Video of 2014.


Known as the professional social network, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn’s list of 14 Most Popular Influencer Posts of 2014 reflects professionals’ need for guidance on how to adapt to the fast changing and improving economy, and most of all, how to gain an edge on it. LinkedIn’s most popular post of the year is Travis Bradberry’s “How Successful People Stay Calm.”

6 Most Popular Social Content of 2014


Tumblr recently published a series of Top Lists broken down by category. For our audience’s sake (yes, you!), we chose the most shared brand-sponsored post. The quote was contributed by a Tumblr user named Borda and sponsored by ATT.

6 Most Popular Social Content of 2014

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