When the influencer marketing industry began, its mission was to give a voice to and provide a community for everyday people. Whether you were a fashionista, a home-chef, or an artist, you had the opportunity to express yourself on your terms. But like the world we live in, that opportunity is not always equal for all creators.

Every month, our brands and customers partner with hundreds of thousands of talented influencers and we recognize that we can do more to promote and collaborate with Black influencers. As marketers, it is our responsibility to ensure campaigns are represented by diverse voices and we acknowledge that there is more we can do as individuals, an organization, and an industry to advocate for and highlight these creative and influential individuals. For more on that commitment, you can read this letter from our CEO and Co-Founder, Lyle Stevens.  

Today we’d like to share ten Black creators that we’ve partnered with, as well as a growing list of Black creators on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social networks that your brand can partner with immediately.

For a list of 300+ Black Creators and Influencers, click here.


We’ll also be sharing more creators as part of the  #AmplifyMelanatedVoices movement on our social media platforms.

1. Rachel Mooreland of @heyraychh

Why we love this creator: Rachel is a Chicago-based lifestyle influencer who shares her relaxed-but-cool style, food and drink recommendations, and skincare tips. We recommend checking out her blog and social channels for great fashion finds like this look for Express. She recently created a great post about the importance of protecting your mental health in quarantine.

2. CJ Johnson Jr. of @cjjohnsonjr

Why we love this creator: We’ve loved partnering with CJ on influencer campaigns with our fashion customers. His style is impeccable, and CJ is both an influencer and a digital marketing expert, so if you’re looking for a true professional, look no further! A gifted speaker as well, check out CJ’s website to see his work and learn more about his breadth of experience.

3. Beverly Adams of @thebeverlyadams

Why we love this creator: Beverly is a proud momma and she has great style to boot. She has two little ones and creates content for new moms. We love how she mixes high and low style – dresses and sneakers or denim and heels –  to create an effortless look.

4. Candace Hampton of @thebeautybeau

Why we love this creator: Candace is a Mavrck “Copilot” or a member of our influencer advisory board. She has a gorgeous feed full of her “tomboy chic” style, and working on campaigns with her is always a pleasure. We love Candace’s colorful makeup looks that you can also try out yourself with a tutorial from her YouTube channel. Check out this awesome look she created with oVertone!

5. Keturah Waters of @eatwithkeeks

Why we love this creator: Don’t follow Keturah’s Instagram on an empty stomach because her feed will make your mouth water! Keturah’s content is full of delicious recipes, restaurant recommendations, and recently she’s been highlighting Black-owned restaurants and dessert shops in Atlanta. Check her out!

6. Queyoun Makor of @queyoun

Why we love this creator: Queyoun, or “Q” can be seen rocking a suit, or rocking moves on the basketball court. We work with him often on campaigns for men’s fashion and we love his style. But Queyoun is more than an influencer, he’s also a middle school math teacher in Texas and is passionate about educating our youth to become well-rounded adults. We love his commitment to his community as a role model and educator, and we always enjoy working with Que on campaigns.

7. Jamie Brown of @thejaymielynnshow

Why we love this creator: We’ve loved partnering with Jamie to create family-friendly content in partnership with our brands. Her feed is full of her adorable kids, DIY and decor, and family adventures. Her content is beautiful and bright, and we enjoy seeing how she collaborates with our brands.

8. Derrick Brownie of @thedrk_knight

Why we love this creator: Derrick is a self-proclaimed “GQ Enthusiast” and his photos look like they’re ripped out of the magazine itself. We’re fans of Derrick’s mix of polished looks, elevated accessories, travel inspiration, and fast cars that grace his feed. He even makes pizza feel fancy.

9. Opal Stewart of @opalbyopal

Why we love this creator: We love partnering with Opal – not only does she create amazing fashion content, she is one of our Copilots as well, a member of our influencer advisory board. Check out Opal’s feed for brightly colored outfits and more style and beauty inspiration. Opal often goes above and beyond when working with brands, delivering beautiful content as a true professional! If you’re looking to work with a creative fashion influencer, consider Opal!

10. Caleb Green of @caleb.green

Why we love this creator: We’ve worked with Caleb on multiple TikTok campaigns, and each one brings his smooth style of dancing and fun videos for his audience. We’d recommend partnering with Caleb to bring your new TikTok dance to life and start a trend!

For a list of 300+ Black Creators and Influencers, click here.