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Which Social Media Site Should You Target? [Quiz]

By January 20, 2015 No Comments

Which Social Media Site Should You Target? quizThe Pew Research Center recently released Social Media Update 2014—its latest survey of social media demographics and usage.

The 18-page report analyzes popular social network platforms, and breaks down usage across different demographics. The report cites a number of interesting findings. For example, more than half of adults age 65 and over, who are online, are using Facebook. While more than half of adult internet-users adults age 18-29 are using Instagram.

The report provides plenty of insight for marketers to update their social media targeting. Are you spending the appropriate resources or are you wasting time and money on the wrong medium?

You can read the 18 page report or take the handy dandy quiz below. Find the social network your users are most likely flocking to. Don’t forget to share your results and tag us!


*While this is a fun tool to find where your users are statistically supposed to be, many other factors play into the success of your social media marketing.

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