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[Free Tool] How Should You Approach Influence Marketing?

By February 26, 2015 No Comments

Whenever people ask about influence marketing, I always start by talking about different types of influencers. Why? Because without fully knowing who your ideal influencers are — their reach, type of audience, social platform, and so on — it’s difficult to create an effective influencer marketing strategy to reach your goal. Each type of influencer offers a different end result. When you don’t understand your influencers, you risk stifling the growth of your business.

But one of the hardest parts of influence marketing itself is exactly that–understanding your ideal influencers and the different goals that each type is capable of achieving. What are the key things you need to know in order to implement a successful influencer marketing strategy?

Ready for good news? As our team spoke with more and more marketers about their influencer research process, we got to thinking: Is there a way we can make the question-and-answer process smoother?

That’s when we came up with this tool, an interactive series of questions that generate your best approach to influence marketing.

Like the sound of that? Click here to get started, or simply scroll to the bottom of this post where I’ve embedded the quiz for you.

Want to learn a little more about how we generate your personalized strategy? Here’s the method to our madness:

1. How do you plan on using influence marketing?

We offered the more common reasons that cause marketers to examine new or different marketing tactics. Each reason affects your measurement of success differently. For example, a brand looking to build a community may measure success with engagement while a brand looking to raise brand awareness may simply measure success through impressions.

2. What kind of business are you?

Whether a brand sells to consumers or other businesses, will best determine which social networks they should focus on. Each social network hosts a different demographic majority, meaning users interact differently among each other as well as the content that gets posted and shared.

3. Which metric is most important to you?

Your answer to question number one influences how you should measure success, but this question makes sure you have the option of driving for results you want to see. It also heavily determines the type of influencers you need for a successful campaign.

4. How do you feel about user-generated content?

We all know that user-generated content can be compelling but there are occasions where it’s best that a brand sets the tone and image it wants consumers to see. Therefore, we leave it up to you to determine how you should approach content creation. However, if it’s not an important aspect, the last answer will default to our recommendation according to your answers for the previous three questions.

5. Share it with your marketer friends!

Share the tool with your social networks to help them find their best approach to influence marketing. Remember: sharing helpful content has a way of growing your following and increasing engagement. Simply click the image below to tweet about it:
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Now without further ado, find out how you should approach influence marketing: