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[CPG March Madness] Championship Game

By April 7, 2014 No Comments

CPG March Madness has come to an end. We began the tourney with 64 brands who all played hard – but in the end there is only room on grocery store shelves for one CPG champion. Today, Covergirl and Oreo tipped-off and battled for this year’s coveted title.

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The 2014 CPG March Madness champion is…Oreo!

Here’s a quick recap of their March Madness journey. In the dinner and dessert regionals, cream filling trumped Chips Ahoy’s chocolate chips, Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream crazed 7.3M Facebook fans, and  all of M&M’s peanuts! Team Oreo then challenged the dinner regional victor – Perdue Chicken, their 432K fans were no match for Oreo’s 35M. In the final four, Doritos’ bold flavor wasn’t enough to overwhelm Oreo’s sweet filling either!

In the championship Oreo met the Home Division champion, Covergirl.  In an absolute shocker Team Oreo turned what all thought was going to be a championship game into a blowout! The final score ended up being 16400 to 3786 total engagement points. Today wasn’t so easy breezy for Covergirl as Oreo walked off the court, and into the milk showers as this years national champion!

Congratulations to America’s favorite cookie! We can’t wait to see which brands CPG March Madness 2015 will bring. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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