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10 Ways to Acquire Quality Facebook Fans

By May 28, 2014 No Comments

As it goes for a lot of things in life, when it comes to Facebook fans, it’s quality over quantity. If a brand wants a successful Facebook page, it must prioritize engaged and interested fans over thousands of personality-less profiles. To attract an enthusiastic audience for your great content, you need to be clever about the ways in which you post and what you post.


1.  Reply to Comments

Today’s consumers are looking for interaction with their favorite brands. Reply to comments they make on your content to keep the conversion and engagement going.


2.  Spotlight Fans

Highlight some of your most active and engaged Facebook fans in some of your posts. Fans who feel appreciated are more likely to spread the word about you.


3.  Announce Winners

If you run a contest or sweepstakes on your page, announce the winners to your Facebook audience – just make sure to notify the winners by email first.


4.  Highlight Milestones

If your brand or product achieves an important milestone (an anniversary, for example), celebrate it! Your fans will want to be involved in the celebrations too.


5.  Be Visual

The more images and fewer words, the better. Choose dynamic and eye-catching images that will make your page pop.


6.  Be Timely

Connect the content you post to current events and pop culture. Users live in the now and aren’t looking to find outdated or unrelated posts.


7.  Call to Action

Without being bossy, inspire your audience to respond to your content by including a direct call to action. Use action words like “vote”, “like” or “share” to propel people into action.


8.  Post Daily 

Post consistently and at regular intervals but don’t overwhelm your audience. Users aren’t afraid to un-like or un-follow a page if they deem the content to be spam. Try to post at peak times to garner the most impressions and the strongest response (between 12PM ET and 8PM ET).


9.  Use Humor

Users respond well to humor, they are much more likely to enjoy and stay loyal to a page that they find entertaining. Focus especially on using funny imagery. A stuffy corporate image simply does not appeal to today’s consumers.


10.  Use Tags

Your page shouldn’t be all about you.

Social media is designed to build and foster connections, so take advantage of that capability. Whenever possible, tag other pages or individuals in your posts. Hopefully they will return the favor and drive traffic back to your page!