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10 Steps to Hosting a Great Twitter Party

By June 18, 2013 No Comments

Twitter Parties are an excellent way to excite your audience, get them directly involved with you and your brand, and reward them for top engagement. Below, we break down 10 easy steps to host an awesome Twitter party:

1. Choose Your Topic

Without a topic or an idea, your party will be a bust. Keep it relevant to brand as well as intriguing or exciting enough to keep your attendees interested.

2. Decide a Hashtag

Choose a hashtag that relates to your brand but is unique to your Twitter Party. Otherwise, you could be confusing your users by re-using old hashtags that also relate to other posts.

3. Hash Out the Details

Decide the date, time and length of your party. You’ll soon learn what works for you and your audience, but we’ve found that between 1 and 4 (Eastern Time) is ideal for availability and participation.

4. Promote Your Party

People can’t attend a party they don’t know about – you’ve got to spread the word. Use a Facebook event that you can then promote on your other social networks.

5. Develop Your Tweets

Planning ahead is absolutely essential. With your team, plan and write every single post you plan to tweet. Not only should you write out every tweet, but you should accurately record when each tweet will post to your page using a scheduler such as HootSuite or Buffer.

6. Send Out Reminders

You need to remind your users without irritating them in order to encourage further participation. A good way to approach this is by creating a reminder post in your Facebook event and sending an email or message on the day of your party.

7. Assign Tasks to Your Hosts

Doing this will ensure organization, interaction, and success throughout your party. Assign specific tasks to each host- we recommend 3:

  1. One to monitor tweets
  2. One to choose winners
  3. One to engage with and reply to participants

8. Host Your Party

Be attentive and focused throughout the party, but don’t forget to enjoy it too – the chance to interact with users is exciting! Remember to monitor by keeping HootSuite or Buffer open to stay on top of any social media activity to do with your party.

9. Send Out Prizes

Send these out to your winners once the party is over. Have the winners Direct Message their email address, so you can send them their prize and keep their info for future newsletters.

10. Collect Feedback

Why have a party if you don’t get to hear the next day how great everyone thought it was? Create a survey to promote via email and social networks, and analyze the data to use for next time. Find out how to make your next party even better!